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The Overhaul

Primal Health Coaching – 12 Session Program

The Overhaul is an elite package and is a complete restructuring and rebuilding program. This is perfect for the person who may not know where to start and feels in need of an overhaul, or lifestyle makeover. This program is about transforming behaviors, and relationships with nutrition and exercise. This package contains twelve intensive health coaching sessions, a customized nutrition and exercise program, numerous bonuses, special gifts and essential tools to help you on your journey.



The Overhaul is Fully Equipped with the Following:

  • Fit Happy Primal - Health Assessment

  • Fit Happy Primal - Health Coaching Welcome Packet

  • One 90-Minute Introductory & Discovery Session

  • Eleven 60-minute One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions or Skype Calls

  • Two Full Body Composition Analysis Tests at Internal Medicine of Arizona

  • Detailed Nutrition Guidelines

  • Detailed Workout, Cardio & Activity Guide

  • 3 Personal Training Sessions (In Home OR Two Scottsdale Gym Locations Available)

  • Full Access to Trainerize Progress Tracking & Workout App

  • Living Life According to Design Manifestation Wheel

  • Bi-weekly Encouraging E-mails from Lindsey

  • Bi-weekly Discovery Worksheets 

  • Full 100% Support on Your Journey and Direct Access to Lindsey Between Sessions via Text, E-mail or up to Six 20-Minute Laser Coaching Phone Calls (NOTE: There will be an additional charge for calls over 20 minutes)


My Special Gifts to You:

  • In Person Pantry Purge or Pantry Purge Worksheet

  • Fit Happy Primal - Grocery Shopping Guide

  • Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal

  • Two BONUS Travel/ No Equipment Workouts in Training App

  • Two BONUS Ab Workouts in Training App

  • The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

  • Primal Fuel Protein OR Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel

  • Primal Fuel Shaker Cup

Each program is based off holistic and integrative health coaching principles. The Overhaul is designed to be completed within 12-24 weeks.

Book your consultation today online or email for more info!


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