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Telling my story, and helping others live the best version of theirs...


Hi there! My name is Lindsey, and I am so glad you stopped by! Rather than go over my professional bio and credentials, how about I just share my journey with you? Growing up, I played sports and was always in pretty good shape. When I first entered into my twenties a lot of things changed for me, especially my weight. None of it was for the better. I felt like nothing was going right, and I turned to food and even alcohol for comfort, and a distraction.


At 21 years old, I found that my weight had skyrocketed from the 130's to almost 180 lbs, and no it wasn't muscle. That was over 15 years ago now, but I still remember exactly how I felt during that time. My slacks were busting at the seams, but I refused to buy the next size up. It made me really angry with myself that I had let it get that far, but it seemed like it happened overnight. That unhealthy lifestyle took a toll on everything I did, I felt tired and sluggish. I didn’t have the same pep in my step I once had, and my confidence was gone. I had obviously been eating all the wrong things and my portion control was, well... out of control.


At that age, I had tried all the same fad diets and diet pills that everyone else had. I had an off and on relationship with going to the gym, but my unhealthy relationship with food was what always derailed me. In 2011 I decided to attend a Primal nutrition seminar at a local Cross-fit Gym. I had no idea what to expect, but I can honestly say that seminar shook me a little bit, and I started to look at things differently. I realized I had been basically poisoning my body with my food and lifestyle choices. For so long I had the "good enough" mentality, that didn't get me anywhere.


My relationship with food completely changed, and I no longer looked to food to cope, or comfort me. Because it doesn't "really" help with either anyway. I started to incorporate a better exercise program with my new found nutrition beliefs, and I saw a change in not only my weight, but my energy levels, mood, skin, sleep patterns and performance in the gym. It was remarkable! I gained this hunger and passion for health and wellness, and became obsessed with diving deeper in. I earned my first personal training certification shortly after in 2012.


In 2013 I moved to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! I was so excited, and ready for new things and opportunities. Amongst those new things, I chose to compete in my first NPC fitness competition. I would have never guessed after all my struggles that I would be competing... let alone in a bikini. The competition prep I went through was grueling, and afterwards I was exhausted, began to gain weight back rapidly, and I also wasn't feeling quite like myself. Shortly thereafter I found out that I had developed a thyroid issue. I didn't understand, I had never been on a prescription in my life, how did this happen? I dieted and exercised so much. Well, "so much" was the problem. I had burnt myself out, and now was dealing with hypothyroidism, (under-active thyroid) and a barrage of symptoms.


I wanted to understand! I began reading and researching the thyroid, and anything that may be related. I began traveling the country going to conferences and listening to experts, and Functional Medicine doctors speak on thyroid, nutrition, auto-immune disease, leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances and more. I reignited my passion for not just fitness, but wellness. I got back to my Primal nutrition roots, and lifestyle beliefs and almost immediately started to feel better. These twists and turns are what led me to obtain my Primal Health Coaching certification in 2017. 


Now I feel like it was all part of God's grand design! Sometimes things happen so we can grow our knowledge, and possibly help others. That's what we are here for, we are all in this together! This is my passion; I will never do anything else. I love seeing results happen for those that I am lucky enough to work with! It is so rewarding to watch other people transform their lives through better lifestyle choices. I love just being a part of that!

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