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The Tune Up

Primal Health Coaching - 4 Session Program


The Tune Up is a full throttle program perfect for the person who may be feeling a little disconnected from their goals and is looking for a refresher. It contains four intensive health coaching sessions, a customized nutrition and exercise program and a lot of other goodies to help realign you and get you back on the fast track to a happier and healthier YOU.



The Tune Up is Fully Equipped with the Following:

  • Fit Happy Primal - Health Assessment

  • Fit Happy Primal - Health Coaching Welcome Packet

  • One 90-Minute Introductory & Discovery Session

  • Three 60-Minute One-on-One Health Coaching Sessions or Skype Calls

  • Two Full Body Composition Analysis Tests at Internal Medicine of Arizona 

  • Detailed Nutrition Guidelines

  • Detailed Workout, Cardio & Activity Guide

  • Full Access to Trainerize Progress Tracking & Workout App

  • Living Life According to Design Manifestation Wheel

  • Bi-weekly Encouraging E-mails from Lindsey

  • Bi-weekly Discovery Worksheets 

  • Full 100% Support on Your Journey and Direct Access to Lindsey Between Sessions via Text, E-mail or up to Two 20-Minute Laser Coaching Phone Calls (NOTE: There will be an additional charge for calls over 20 minutes)


My Special Gifts to You:

  • In Person Pantry Purge or Pantry Purge Worksheet

  • Fit Happy Primal - Grocery Shopping Guide

  • Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal

  • Two BONUS Travel/ No Equipment Workouts in Training App


Each program is based off holistic and integrative health coaching principles. The Tune Up is designed to be completed within 4-8 weeks.

Book your consultation today online or email for more info! 


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