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Why Hire A Health Coach...

... and when is the right time?

These days Certified Health Coaches are in high demand, since the early 1990's this demand has been on the rise.

People of all walks of life are hiring health coaches to help them reach their goals, reclaim their health, feel more confident, cultivate better habits and help them design a life they are excited about. A lot of our happiness is directly associated with our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical HEALTH. If any or all of these areas are out of alignment with who we truly are or how we really want to feel, everything is off and it is hard to decide what category to work on first, or who to turn to for help. 

"Health coaches are the future of medicine." -Robb Wolf

Hiring a coach of any kind can be intimidating, you might start thinking "what changes will I have to make?"

Change is scary, but the most important thing to remember is when you find the RIGHT coach for you, they will carefully assess your current lifestyle, habits, nutrition and health... and determine the next steps that will suit your individual goals, and the vision you hold for your life.

Also the right coach will care. I have found after 7 years in the fitness business that personal trainers are not usually the scary, loud, drill sergeants people think they are, and you can't really say they do it for the money because it is not very lucrative in the beginning, it is a constant hustle until you are more established. Most personal trainers actually really enjoy helping people! It is a very rewarding career and most personal trainers that I have worked along side are kind, and care deeply for others. A good coach will too. 

Maybe you played sports in school, or sometime throughout your life you had a coach or mentor at some point in your life. They were there to tell you how to improve, and how to change what you're currently doing that may be causing you trouble. They provided constructive criticism, and a lot of the time our coaches were people we really looked up to and wanted to make proud. I understand this, I played sports growing up and did fitness competitions as an adult. I have had coaches of my own.

Sometimes we need coaches in adulthood too, and maybe it is time! Maybe you are feeling a little lost? Uninspired? Out of shape? Or maybe your health is struggling and you're sick of getting the run around from doctors? Sounds like a good time for a fresh start!

With the holidays and new year right around the corner it is the perfect time to make the shift in a better direction.

Here are some things a health coach does:

  • A health coach can help you better understand what your body may need.

  • A health coach can help you create a life of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness intelligence based on scientifically validated ancestral health principles.

  • A health coach can educate you on the importance of quality nutrition, and understand what foods are right for you and which ones may be causing more harm. 

  • A health coach who also has a fitness certification and background can write you workouts and help you understand the importance of exercise, daily movement and play. Then help you incorporate it into your daily life. 

  • A health coach will hold you accountable, usually using a very effective weekly check in system. How good have you been at staying accountable to yourself?

  • A health coach can help you work through struggles, emotions, negativity and fears.

  • A health coach can motivate you, and form a better mindset surrounding your goals despite any health challenges you may be facing. 

  • A health coach is there to support you, cheer for you, help you and lead you in a better direction.

  • A health coach helps you cultivate lasting behavioral change to help you reach your goals + prevent and treat chronic conditions.

"The aim of the Primal Health Coach is to help clients extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their lives by focusing on their values, needs, visions and goals in an extremely personalized way."

I have said it 100 times, this life is the only one we've got and it is meant for us to live abundantly and reach our full potential. For us to do that we must be proactive, we must start taking care of ourselves. Maybe it's that time for you, are you ready to make that shift?

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