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Don't Spend All Your Money on Sunglasses

Did you know that your eyes also host their own special group of microbes called the ocular microbiome? Yep, that’s right! By now you’ve probably heard about the gut microbiome, and what can affect or disrupt it. Research indicates that the gut microbiota also affects the eyes through the gut-retina axis, which connects the gut to the nerves of the eyes.

Can you believe there is research that links intestinal permeability to the development of eye conditions through the gut-retina axis?! So what does this mean??? To protect our eye health we really need to work on our nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) deprives the body of nutrients that are critical to eye health, and it also promotes inflammation in the gut microbiome which we already learned affects our eyes.

To protect your eyes eliminate excess sugar, refined carbohydrates and industrial seed oils as much as possible. Up your intake of dietary antioxidants like Vitamin C and E. Another tip, get more Vitamin D! Yep the sun isn’t bad for your eyes, you don’t need those shades all the time. Why block all that goodness?!

Vitamin D actually reacts with receptors in the eye to regulate inflammation, and keep your eyes healthy!

BUT... what light does negatively affect your eyes?! BLUELIGHT!! You know, like from that device you’re staring at reading this... I told you a while back how the blue-light from your phone late at night can negatively impact your sleep and be a hormone disruptor, now we need to take care of our eyes too!! Shut down the devices, and get outside!

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