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Primal Health Coach Certified...

"Oh yay! Great for her... but what the heck does that mean..?"

September of 2017, I completed a 16 week course and finally received my Primal Health Coach certification... You might be thinking... "Oh yay! Great for her... but what the heck does that mean..?"

Well after receiving my personal training certification back in 2011, my personal fitness and health journey has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. After competing in my first fitness competition five years ago I was officially diagnosed with Hypothyroidism ... after probably going undiagnosed for quite some time. I felt terrible, and unlike myself which led me to have it tested. I was also struggling with uncontrollable weight gain.

I was determined to feel better and stop living at a sub-optimal level. I became absolutely OBSESSED... I mean obsessed with all things thyroid. I traveled to seminars, read books, drove my doctor absolutely bonkers I'm sure, did lab test after lab test at my own expense, listened to countless nutrition and medical podcasts, and finished my Primal Health Coaching certification course. Whew!

Through all of that, all the books, and podcasts and course work and doctors appointments, and attending lectures by leading doctors and health professionals like Dr. Josh Axe , Dave Asprey, Chris Kresser, Dr. Will Cole, Aviva Romm and more... I learned SO much!!

My notebook is full, my brain is on overload but most importantly my passion for health and wellness is ignited!!

With this certification I will not only be able to help people get more healthy and fit but I just might be able to ease or end some struggles and suffering when it comes to their health.

Making someone look great in a bikini is SO awesome, but improving someone's quality of life is priceless!

I am very excited to work with more people and possibly along side a collaborative care team of doctors with the same beliefs in health and wellness, and a preventative care model. My coaching is not to be confused with medical advice, it's simply coaching people through optimum lifestyle changes. So at the end of the day I am thankful for my health struggles because it has led me to my strength. Which is helping others!

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